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im 18. and unicorns make me fucking happy.

Burgers are good (ode to a fat girl) - by Maria lee Beecham

Burgers make me happy.
Shit friends make me sad.
Burgers make my day okay.
Shit friends make me feel bad.
Burgers can make your world spin around.
Shit friends make you round.
Burgers can let you achieve as you please! And never let you down!
Shit friends treat you like poop on a stick, they’ll even let you drown.
So if you can’t decide,
between a shit friend
or a burger?
this poem will let you know,
If shit friends ditch you and make you cry,
The burger will be there to help you make a shit rhyme :)

the photos from my minimalism project for fashion week in uni, made everything out of cling film! 

some days can feel like the whole world has just stopped for me. every emotion in my body comes to a grinding halt, first of all it leaves a trail of complete sadness, and then everything goes numb. and nothing can make that go away. 


i have no idea what to do with myself.

the only things that have any consistency in my life are my family, my job, and my boyfriend. they are the most important things to me. 

but i feel so lost. i dont have any drive to do anything. i dont want to do anything. i have so much im worrying about at the moment aside from all the things i have to do. i just dont know how im going to get through it. i feel like i need peter pan to just come sweep me away to neverland for a bit so i can just forget about everything, i feel like i need some amazing treehouse to hide in, like in bridge to terabithia. 

im not even drawing anything original at the moment. i just feel like there is no point to anything anymore. i cant wait to just start my uni course in september, and wish i could just do whatever the hell i wanted this summer without a care in the world.